"� people try to put us down � just because we get around �things they do look awful cold � I hope I'll die before I get old � THIS IS MY GENERATION DAVID!"
!Please do not misunderstand this message!
I hate Diabetes Mellitus (all the same whether type I, type II, type III, type IV, type 90210, type ABC, type XY or any type �which I know already�)!
These shit to illness nevertheless nobody earned! And I know, what that means! Me myself and I is concerned!
Since I've got my iMac, I was looking for a little free sample editor. I found AUDACITY. I thought: "Oh, already again one of these useless free audio apps!"
This app is singular one on this planet! From a genious and that programs blindly!
As already said, I am even diabetic. You can it to me believe, it is a terrible agony! Physicians say that one does not feel diabetes actually at all. That is however complete rubbish. They tell that, because they cannot really see the illness, although they have eyes! It is very unfortunate that Dave went so early, possibly is it also better like that, even if I am safe that he had very much fun in his life despite handicap. I will always think of him when I make music with AUDACITY. And when time's comming, I will make a special track for you, DAVID SKY.
Hey Dave, look down at us from the sky, and watch what you've done, it is amazing. AUDACITY will become bigger and bigger and bigger. And tons of sounds will result from your inheritance. A very big THANK YOU! And see you in heaven, David Sky!
Yours Bogdan Kolender.
Today I was telling my wife about these amazing people who create and share great works like this. So sorry to hear that the world has one less of these people in it, we need people like David.
Conrad Turner
Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. Rest well.
schön, lieber David, dass Du mich hierher geführt hast. Schön, dass es Menschen wie Dich gab - und hoffentlich immer geben wird. respectfully thank you
Gracias, RIP
the KDL
Rest in Peace
very sad :(

thanks, RIP
Lucio De Rizzo
Thanks for your great work, David!
thanks for your work, david!
Jeff Dodson
Thanks for your excellent contributions,David. All the best in your new adventure. RIP
Jairo R. Torres Y.
Lastima tu partida y muchas gracias por tu contribucion, da gusto ver que si hay gente amable que piensa en los demas, esto me motiva a usar mas tu proyecto. que la luz del altisimo te ilumine y guarde siempre
Thank you for everything you have done in life, David. Maybe I'll see you in the next level someday. RIP.
Harry Mercer
David had a wonderful spirit when every I saw him. We joked about our own adversities. Rest in peace David.
Condolences to all his friends, relatives and family and proudly remember his contribution to the freeware society and a better world through sharing knowledge!
Rest in peace David
Good Luck and Smooth Sailing in the Afterlife.
Your a good man you will be forever in my heart
Thank you for all your hard work in Audacity.
Charles Molloy
Just to say sorry to hear of David Sky's passing. Always appreciate Audacity and the work that people have contributed to its development. Thanks.
John Parker
Thank you for your hard and selfless work.

Rest In Peace and god bless you & your family.

With friendly greets

Thank you for your work.
Thank you for all your work in Audacity. For my part, I will make sure that people reme,ber your generosity.
Raghu Pantula
When we talk about self less work and contribution to make a difference in the society, it is about people like David Sky no doubt. He accomplished in short life span what we struggle a life time and never get to.
Our sincere prayers. He just moved on to do more important things in the cosmic space.

Thank you for your work.
I'm very sorry to hear about David's passing, we always need more like him.

(Damn terrible disease diabetes, my mother died of it when I was a teenager, so I'm well aware of what David went through. It's especially terrible towards the end.)

Antonio Criado
Thank you by you effort in bring us a significant tool for editing and create new effects. My pray is today for you and I hope that the good God gives you a beatiful place in his Glory. I Hope so. Goodbye, friend
He looks a very simple man. Now when he is no more in this earth, may God give him peace in heaven. God bless David!!
Good man... if the world had more Dave's, it'd be a brighter place. Thanks mate for helping me handle audio files for the past few years. Rest in peace, and see you around.
I offered a prayer up today for David.
Dave S.
Thanks for all your work, and you are a fantastic example for everyone who has hardships in life.. be it a disability or anything else. Plus you've achieved something we all dream about -- you've left something that lives on beyond you. Rest well!
Danger Music, The Home Of Danger Woman and The Danger Force, hereby offers our condolences and deepest sympathies to the family and friends of David Sky, who was truly "Disabled But Able To Rock".

Were it NOT for David Sky, people with disabilities would NEVER have learned to record their lines and songs!

Were it not for David Sky, DangerWoman would NEVER have made her heroic debut on "Feedback: A Hero's Calling" and recorded that cool song, Fight Back, Feedback for America's Greatest Superhero!

And most important, were it NOT for David Sky, I would NEVER have learned to master Audacity, while learning to use a Pod Cast Kit from Best Buy!

In closing, I want to say, on behalf of my company, Danger Music, The Danger Force Pets and my band, The Danger Force, we will NEVER forget this "Victim Of Goodbye" and will be remembered in our annual song of rememberence, Victims Of Goodbye, as originally covered by the famous Country Rock Singer, Sylvia.
Farewell, David Sky!
May we meet again in the promised land of justice!

I've been using your software for years, and I've only recently discovered how much time and work goes in to programming such programs. Your hard work was very appreciated, and me and all the people that use Audacity thank you. Vaya con Dios
Did they make your funural song with Audacity?
Raul-Angel García
¡¡¡Thank you very much, for the great sofware, Audacity, that I use for many of my ..."artistic"... music and sound purposes!!!.
I defend consistently the FREE, OPEN source sotware, like GNU/Linux, and I announce and recommend Audacity to someone wants a music or/and audio software sugerence!!!
I'm very sad for find out NOW the notice of your ...¿ending?... and, over all, your great APPORTATION in the project work of the Audacity community... through the same community web!

Thank you, and I hope that your soul were in peace... While, I will continue apposting for Audacity like my favorite audio tracking editor

Audacity, for ever!!

Royce Ng
Thanks for creating Audacity!
I respect you.
Goodbye, David!

Rest in peace, friend.
Norman Green Peace
When we die and they lay us to rest
Gonna go to the place that's the best
When I lay me up to die
Goin' up to the Spirit in the SKY
Goin' up to the Spirit in the SKY
That's where I'm gonna go when I die
When I die and they lay me to rest
Gonna go to the place that's the best.
Prepare yourself
You know it's a must
Gotta have a friend in ALLAH
So you know that when you die
We all gonna recommend you to the spirit in the SKY
Gonna recommend you to the spirit in the SKY
That's where you're gonna go when you die
When you die and they lay you to rest
You're gonna go to the place that's the best.
Never been a sinner
I never sinned
I got a friend in ALLAH
So you know that when I die
We all gonna set Ya up with the spirit in the SKY
Oh Set me up with the spirit in the SKY
That's where I'm gonna go when I die
When I die and they lay me to the rest
I'm gonna go to the place that's the best.
Go to the place that's the best.

Kevin Boone
I love those "Bloops".
Jay Peek
Thanks David for helping your aural sister when our visual brother had left us. The Plasmacarwash in Rochester, NY thanks you for your selfless acts for Music. :)
Mary Brunner
I just learned about the passing of David Sky, which has shocked me deeply. David and I had been friends for many years, though we had not kept in touch much in the last year or two. However, I always admired him for his intelligence, keen wit, and his willingness to help others. Dave, Rest in peace.
Thank you dear chap. Rest well and may you find eternal peace.
daniel o videla
gracias david grossso capo por hacernos la vida mas facil y el esfuerso ,dedicacion honra trabajo que nos legaste al soft libre a la gente al mundo.te saludo y mis condolencias a la familia muchas gracias david descansa en paz saludos desde la provincia de buenos aires argentina
Deepak Rana
Im going to download audacity for the first time today. I just wanted to say thanks for your work- your work and name lives on! Me a stranger came across this today- and look now i know who you were and what you did.Thanks and i hope i get to say hello to you in some other place and time
Walter Petticrew
David - an inspiration for everyone. Giving his all to others -- true selflessness
Your contribution to software technology has helped and will continue helping many people in their quest to express themselves via audio projects.
Thanks forever...

Mr Sparkle
Thank you for your work, David.
Josè Ignacio
Gracias por todo, tu creación vivirá por siempre (Thanks a lot, your creation will live forever)

José, from Uruguay

George Black
God Bless your soul good sir.
Thank you always.

Un grande, come la sua passione.
Grazie ancora per il tuo impegno fuori da ogni schema.
Buon viaggio.

James Tolchard
David and I were close for twenty years even though he was in Vancouver and I was in Cary NC. Never did a month go by without us on the phone sharing what was happening. I miss him.
Andy Latham
This is awful news. I had the good pleasure of carrying on a months long email conversation with David, he was a very intelligent and thoughtful person. You are sorely missed, friend.
Joseph Brown3designs
Having heard about this was pretty shocking, wherever you are, be it the sky or paradise, we thank you for your labor, not only for Audacity, but for those that were around you, your work is mostly appreciated and we just hope that where you are now you can rejoy and keep your contribution by inpiring others with the teachings and enthusiasm that you left behind.

Thanks a lot!!

Gregory Allen (UK)
Thank you so much for the fun times ive spent with mates speeding up songs; for my GCSE helpfullness, for my band,for my spare time. I ALWAYS use Audacity and all the plugins. Im certain that all my band think the same. Thankyou so much. From the rest of us in England, We Salute You! You are a great loss to the music and open source community.

Rest in Peace David Sky

Shepherd Nhongo
RIP Dave
Pierre from Grenoble.
Many thanks for your generous work.
Rest in peace, David.

Roland, Swansea
Simply "Thanks".
With Audacity, the teachers of today and tomorrow are inspiring the next generation, and you helped make it.

So sad.I know how it feels to lose a loved one.='( RIP David
I didn't download Audacity to edit my songs, I did it for you!=) Your program is amazing and free! I love it!

Grazie, David, ciao.
R.I.P. David. Thanks for help making a great audio program.
I salute the silent hero and offer my sincere condolences to his family and friends. RIP. (From Pakistan)
Rip, David I do not personally know him, but just by reading your friends comments, i knew you were a great guy.
Shirley McGinnis, Atlanta, GA.
As a paraplegic/diabetic, who also has vision problems, I truly understand how difficult it is to live a productive life. Almost everything is a struggle. For David to have accomplished all that he did is nothing short of miraculous. Thank you, David. Here's another life that has been "Touched By An Angel."
Rosendo Pablo
He estado utilizando este precioso programa y nunca supe quien estaba atras, de todas maneras a ustedes hablantes de español, agradecemos y especialmente nosotros que estamos en paises pobres pues alguien trabajan para programas como èste para nosotros
Al Quinlan
Thanks for all the hard work.
May you rest in peace.

Thank You from Poland. Rest in peace.
Thank you from Finland
Rest in peace

Diego Rimar
You've been part of something important. Gracias
Rest in peace and thank you for your contribution to music.
Christian Bretterhofer
Thank you from Austria
Rest in peace

respect for your work and contributions
RIP David

Gracias amigo.
Matthew Dattilo
David, I have used Audacity for years. Thank you for your selfless work and your many contributions. I know you will be missed. Rest in peace.
Rest in peace David

tom, Belgium

Enrique Sahagun
From Madrid
Thank you very much

Thank you from Italy.

Fabio Buzzi
Thanks David.

Fabio, Italy

I have used Audacity for years. Thank you David for such a great program. R.I.P.
Thomas K John
We'll keep you, your family and selfless contributions in remembrance and prayers.

Thomas Kannanaikkel John
Acoustic Engineer
RMIT Melbourne

Udo K. Pollem
Das ist sehr traurig... mein aufrichtiges Beileid an die Familie.
José María Pastor Sánchez
Muchisimas gracias por tu trabajo David. Mucha suerte en tu nuevo viaje.
Carlos Fernando Castaneda Olano
GOD bless you and all you family. Thank you for you contributions.
Salvio Di Maio
Thank you David.
Grazie David.

Salvio Di Maio
Milan, Italy

Roderick Thomas
Thanks David for your hard work and shines through Audacity. Heaven is using Audacity because of you. R.I.P.
Sean Lancaster
speaking as an educator relies on open source products for my teaching and podcasting, i am deeply indebted to the work and service that David provided. he will be missed.
It's always sad to hear about the exit of selfless and influential people from this planet that can never be in a direst need for such breed as it is now. Thank you for playing your part, David.
thank you david. we will renember u forever
We will not forget you David. Thank You.
Non ti dimenticheremo David. Grazie.
Kreigon from Rome Italy
09 March 2010

That's really sad.. We miss you!
Gone but not forgotten
*This* is how you live forever. RIP
That's sad
I think you guys on Audacity should dedicate the song "Homeless Heart" by Jennette McCurdy to him. No matter what effects people use, from generating the chirp to adding the vocoder, it still always remains a beatiful song.
Grazie David.
Thanks David.

Im sorry. David was an example of altruism.
I hope he is in a better place.
You'll always be a part of Audacity and of our computers.
Thank you.

Sono italiano. Mi dispiace che tu sia venuto a mancare in ancor giovane età. Hai dedicato parte della vita all'informatica. Spero che tu ti sia divertito e sia stato felice. Ciao.
Gracias por todo y por tu trabajo, David.

Mis condolencias a la familia.

Philippe Back
Thanks for all David, your code is outliving you for years to come!
André Pinto
I knew him just for his participation in the Audacity's developers mailing list and his work in the application (specially with plugins).

I only want to say thanks for your work and time David. Rest in peace.

Condolences to your family,
André Pinto

I didn´t know him, but I´m very sorry.

Ans i hope you will forgive my Englisch, it is not very good.

Keith Walker
I didn't know David , I was impatiently searching for software similar to simple stars, MY MIX-lost the key-code...after 30 minutes...I was becoming very "irrational"
-to put it in a gentle term.
then things changed...My journey here began
From C-Nets Audacity's
Free Download page, Usually that's the end of my research...This tie ,hoever
i decided to "click a look" at the company ,Once there , i sort of circled in on Davids "blue link", I already had noticed the general tribute to this Man who helped make the free plug-ins, when i went further , saw the pictures -saw David, realized he had-from his teens possibly,gone on through the "fun"years we take for granted -into his thirty s ,past the BIG 4-0 & Plugged away ( pardon the pun -I mean all of this with respect.-For me I know humor,is helpful in dealing with loss. )it sounds like he didn't want special treatment- well into his forties, worked hard played, & gave his heart & love all this with this "Thing"pulling against his forward willpower advancing "
adding untold complications to life , which on its own terms & in good health can be at timed overwhelming..
At 51 years,half of them in the era of Aids ,miraculously dodging HIV.& still standing, I believed I had evolved a kind of emotional"Armour" after witnessing so many go through so much,...
i was wrong, my Armour leaks
David got through it effortlessly, touched my soul, & while i dried a tear he plugged in to my heart and i could feel the craziness & the anger dissolve, it is gone,in its place i feel peaceful.
I know I will recall This "detour to David" -on line ,or other-wise, if i find myself approaching anything like the
"road raging" self serving behavior that David ,somehow DE-fused .
I am certain that David Sky was ,and is an extraordinary soul.
I am thankful to have had the honer of "meeting him" .
To have folks such as David in their midst is a rare encounter & a gift,
& a privilege to witness Selfless people that take much less than they give ,such Strength, dedication & courage that David had within & drew upon had its roots in love, Someone, or many Someones loved David, & believed in him, no-one knows for sure,but love given is so critical in being connected to happiness,empathy,all that is good, it is incalculable & impossible to measure how much thoughtfulness it causes , and how many are effected by such care, ignited by this gift we call love . -To Davids "loved ones " my heart felt thanks , and condolences for your "part" If David Sky had a traditional family,or its equivalent,... especially if he had children, more than anyone, they have David sky forever in them. Some one day ...
I hope you all smile remembering him, knowing he is imparted in who you are.
As i said , i did not ever meet ,or know David , i have never written a condolence on any other company web page , it is a bit weird i suppose, yet i will "send " this.
I really just -found myself pulled in -link by link & moved to thank "him,& his" which includes those that thought to set up the links! Really cool. for bringing me back from a negative place.
So... thanks to all of you, for your patience,,as well as David for your generosity, and hard work -i haven't even downloaded the mac version of Audacity yet! , When i do if their are
problems ,i suppose David
& others would want to know
-i would! , so respectfully , ill "beta-u-back"as clearly as possible.-meanwhile..
i am grateful & compelled to acknowledge David ,thank him for lowering my blood pressure -re-gaining y perspective , and to send my condolences to his co-workers , From now on the word "Audacity" will invoke a feeling of "compelling magic" in me ,

Keith Walker ,
San Jose Ca.

Keith Walker

Merci à toi, Merci de ta générosité .
Toutes mes condoléances.

Bracer Jack
Thanks for your help and effort in transforming Audacity into a great program as it is.
Your effort and good will will live in all of us forever David.

Shine Mankuzhy, Chennai , India
David sky................we pray for you..............that may your soul rest in peace................Also pray for your family....
chandrashekhar p chavan
Really missing
[email protected]
so weird ....... i was listening my favorite music and suddently looking for a program that could divide a song into two pieces i found this sad story about David Sky .I feel sorry but happy that he will continue to leave thanks to his great job that normal people like me, can use . Ciao David have fun wherever you are .Thank you
Pravuram Panda (Bhubaneswar,India)
Very very regreted. Really missing a lot.
Dawn Echevez
Condolences to your family! RIP
It is such a shame for the world to lose such a selfless man. The fact that he continued to contribute to the OSS world even with visual impairment is a testament to him as a great human being. I wish peace in the hearts of his loved ones and that his work will never be forgotten. May Audacity and OSS continue to flourish, and let us all continue to thank David Sky and others for this blessing to the software world.

May he rest in peace.

Rich Rodriguez
As a diabetic myself, I am aware of what this disease can do. But I rejoice that although it took his sight away, David continued to be an integral part of the Audacity team. It's the editing tool used at the Los Angeles Radio Reading Service for the blind (www.larrs.org), and it's the only app I use to for sound editing of my YouTube videos and online sermons for my church. Audacity is David's legacy, and I am forever grateful as are many others.
Just happened on to the site because I needed something for my Mac. So I never got to know David, but I did just donate $20 because of him.
I'm a musician who just signed in with a record label, I made my demo with audacity and his plugins were good stuff. Thank you man. Thank you for real.
R.I.P. You will be missed. :-(
zookumar yelubandi
Audacity is and has been invaluable to me. I found this website via Google while looking for a version for Windows 7, 64-bit. Sad news.

RIP, David.

You have many friends here on the Good Earth ... and I'm sure countless more angelic ones where you are presently.


All the very best, you, your family and friends are in my prayers.
Jake P.
My coworkers and I use audacity all the time and we greatly appreciate the hard work that the team members have put forth in order to provide this great tool. I am encouraged to know that David worked on this project even in the trenches of his illness. May the Merciful God of my Lord Jesus bless your soul, David, and may you rest in peace. Thank you for all of your diligence, courage, and intellect.
Carsten Schwartz
Audacity is THE tool for editing small jingles and sounds for phones and games - Thanks to David for adding to this great app. He will surely be remembered...
JA Mkz
I have not other words than We remember you for ever... I am so sad, I use their plug-ins, and today when I visit Audacity fon an update I have the bad notice...
Sam Schafer
I have used Audacity for years. I am grateful to each and every person who donates their time on such wonderful projects as this. It is sad that we all lost a friend.
Corrado (Italy)
Un abbraccio a tutti i suoi parenti ed amici. Ci ricorderemo sempre di lui usando questo programma.

I've only used Audacity a few times, but really sorry to hear about David. It's always wonderful to see people like him. Kind of silent heroes that make this world a better place. Condolences to his family and a big thank you for his contribution.
Jonathan Falck
I do not know David but having used the program many times I will always be reminded of David who contributed so much for so many. To have a talent such as his and selflessly help those who do not through his contributions to Audacity and so increase mine and many others enjoyment of the world through music and sound is a wonderful gift to the world indeed.
I am just getting interested in messing with music and is my first visit to Audacity based on a recommendation. Reading of the passing of David Sky I clicked on the link - my heart felt the pain - there's a connection in that my older brother passed in Dec 2009 and he was a geek himself in that he was a research scientist but so down to earth and helpful to all. Sounds like David was that sort of man. I am sorry for his loss and can feel the pain of those who loved and love him.
Thank you so much for your contributions and effort for making Audacity and every single project I've made with the software possible. I really wouldn't know what I'd do without it, as well as your work.


I have used audacity in past and came back after long time only to hear sad news :-(.

May almighty give a greater peace to the departed soul of such a good person.

My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

We will always remember you for your postivie contribution to audacity and to the society as a whole.

Thank you David for what you accomplished.
Christian D.
Altough I am just an occasional user of Audacity, this program was and still is of great help to me. I am very sorry to hear that one of the developers of this fine piece of software passed away, not to mention a human being. Please take my condolencies and my best wishes - plz give them to Davids family too.

Many greetings from Germany & God bless,


Mike Mullins
I am so sorry to hear this...I had a long correspondence with David last year over a feature I suggested which he very graciously implemented. I had no idea he was in poor health. I wish I had gotten to know David better. My condolences to his family, friends and the entire Audacity team.
Jan Diebold
All my condolencies to the friends, relatives and partners of David Sky. It is a beautiful thought that David and his ideas continues to live on in Audacity.
Rest in peace David.

Only the good dies young - Iron Maiden

Jan, Denmark

there was nothing that could be done to prevent death?
Thank you for everything...may God bless those that are your family and friends give them comfort. Rest in Peace
I use Dave's plug-ins on a daily basis and am deeply saddened to hear of his loss. He helped many people and had a positive attitude. May he rest in peace.
Thank you, David for all your hard work. Your generosity and courageous spirit is an example for us all!
Shane FR Matheson
Thank You, David, Rest in Peace
[email protected]
I've been using audacity for a wile now, in my projects, It had been an Invaluable tool for my work. I'm deeply saddened to hear of the loss of one the contributors to such a wonderful project and tool that keeps improving continually.
My condolences to his family and friends. His work shall indeed live on with this great project. I know I'll think of him each time I fire it up.
peace be to all his friends and family. and everyone out there.

Steve Daulton
It was a joy and a privilege to talk and work with David. He would selflessly help whoever he could, whenever he could and helped me a great deal with both information and inspiration.
I'm pleased that we got to share some music and general chat as well common interest in Nyquist. I only wish that I could have shared your company longer. You are fondly remembered and sadly missed.


Steve Holden
David and I became friends through the Audacity mailing list. He listened and provided me suggestions and encouragement to my Audacity podcast presentations that I did at Yahoo, Defense Acquisition University, and the New Media Expos. The parts of the presentations where I discuss plugins I would usually include a mention of David's plugins as examples of how extensible Audacity was, and how determined David was to contribute and help others even with his own challenges. I will miss him a great deal. RIP.
Hal Vaughan
David and I had been writing back and forth privately (we met on the Audacity mailing list) and were having some interesting discussions. He had sent me some of his music he had created and it was enjoyable. I hadn't heard from him for a while, but I'm so used to email "pen pals" that chat for a while, then just can't keep up that I didn't even think he might be ill. There were also times when he was busy so I might not hear from him for a while, so I didn't think it was unusual he had not written for a time.

He was intelligent, interested in a wide variety of subjects, and just a general all-around-great guy. Even though he was blind and would never be able to watch any videos of me, he liked discussing my love and fascination of ballroom dance because of all that I could tell him that it taught me and how it effected me on other levels. He could not only ask questions that made me think and learn more from what I said, but could get a lot out of it himself as well, even when we were talking about something very visual that he would never see.