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Preface   -  what's this all about
XLISP 2.0 Manual   -  by David Michael Betz
XLISP Language Reference   -  based on a document by Tim I Mikkelsen
Nyquist Functions   -  added by Nyquist to the XLISP interpreter
XLISP Plus Functions   -  written in XLISP code
XLISP Objects Primer   -  by Tim I Mikkelsen
XLISP Internals   -  by Jeff Prothero
ASCII Table   -  in octal, decimal, hexadecimal and XLISP characters
Lisp Links   -  books and documents available for free in the internet

This is the XLISP 2.0 documents collection from 22. July 2007.

This collection is available for download in [497 kB] and xlisp.tar.gz [205 kB] format.

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Edgar M. Franke, 22. July 2007