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Plug-ins by David Sky, co-founder of AudioNyq.

These are some of the first ever Nyquist plug-ins for Audacity. For production purposes it will often be better to use more recent plug-ins, though David Sky’s plug-ins may provide inspiration for creating new plug-ins.

Please note that due to the age of these plug-ins, they may not reflect today’s best practices, and may be inefficient or contain bugs.

Ramp Panning

Legacy plug-in by David Sky. Evenly pan your stereo audio, starting at one point in the stereo field and ending at another. -10 corresponds to 100% left, 0 to center and +10 to 100% right. Parameters: Start position: from [where -10 – +10, default -10] End position: from [where -10 – +10, default +10]