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  • Stereo tracks in Nyquist

    Background (Updated October 2021) Since version 4 Nyquist plug-ins, the global variable that passes the track audio from Audacity to Nyquist changed from S to *TRACK*. For ;process and ;analyze type plug-ins, audio is passed from audio tracks to Audacity as the value of *TRACK*. *TRACK* is a global variable. For mono tracks the value … Continue reading Stereo tracks in Nyquist

  • Floats and Integers

    In Nyquist, as with List, there are two types of numbers – Integers and Floating Point numbers. An integer is a whole number with no decimal part, such as 1, 2, 99, 1000000 A floating point number is referred to as a FLONUM and is most easily defined as a number with a decimal separator, … Continue reading Floats and Integers

  • Audacity Forum

    The Audacity forum is the primary help forum for Audacity users. If you require help with using Audacity, this is the place to ask. Audacity Forum • Index page.