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FM Encoder Decoder

This is an experimental “proof of concept” plug-in for FM encoding and decoding. It was written as a bit of fun for the Audacity community – a competition in September 2016 for Audacity users, developers and support crew. The plugin can be download here: Installation Instructions: For the current version of Audacity, please see HERE … Continue reading FM Encoder Decoder

Distortion Effect

Audacity includes a wide range of built-in effects, but surprisingly there is no distortion effect. Time to remedy that… Here is a simple distortion effect with 10 types of distortion. Each preset modifies the shape of the waveform in its own particular way. There is also a slider control to set the amount, or “drive”. … Continue reading Distortion Effect

Windows XP end of support: What to do next

It’s incredible that an article can be written about what options are available when XP is dead and buried, with not a single mention of other operating systems, but that is exactly what is happening in much of the mainstream press. I’m not suggesting that the likes of computerweekly are getting backhanders from Microsoft, but … Continue reading Windows XP end of support: What to do next