Professional sounding fade out.

The easy way to make a professional sounding fade-out of a song.
This will work well with most types of music.

See here for installation instructions:
After installing and restarting Audacity the plug-in will appear in the Effect menu as: “Pro Fade Out”

Trim the song down so that it ends at the point where you want the fade out to finish.
Select about 10 seconds at the end of the trimmed song.
Apply this “Pro Fade Out” effect in the same way as you would apply the normal Fade Out effect.
This effect has no user settings, just apply it to the audio that you wish to fade out.

Right click to save profade.ny
(For Internet Explorer “Save Target As”)

2 thoughts on “Professional sounding fade out.”

  1. I really like this plug-in, but is there a pro fade-in? I can’t seem to find one. If there isn’t, is there a way to modify it so it is?

    1. There isn’t really a fade-in equivalent to this fade-out.
      Whereas fading out music usually sounds very pleasing with the “pro-fade” type of fade out, “fade-in” tends to be much more dependent on the audio material and whether you want a short fade-in or a slow fade in.

      Often the standard Audacity (linear) Fade-In effect works well.
      Other times, particularly for short fade-ins, repeating the standard Fade-in effect a couple of times gives a good / pleasing fade-in. An easy way to repeat the Fade-in is to apply it once, then press Ctrl+R (repeat last effect).

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