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Binding keys to vertically zoom tracks

A recent feature request for Audacity was for the provision of key bindings to zoom in / out vertically on a track. This feature is already available in a limited fashion from the “Set Track Visuals” macro command. The first step is to create a macro and add the command “Set Track Visuals”. Enable the … Continue reading Binding keys to vertically zoom tracks

Remove space between clips

This plug-in is a Nyquist Macro (it uses Audacity’s Scripting commands to modify the project). As is standard for Nyquist Macros, the plug-in will appear in the “Tools” menu when installed and enabled. I developed this plug-in to address the absence of this feature in Audacity. Usage The plug-in acts on the track that has … Continue reading Remove space between clips

Find Label (plug-in)

This plug-in can be helpful in situations where you have a project that has a lot (possibly hundreds) of labels, and you want to locate one specific label quickly by searching for the label text. While it is perfectly possible to scroll through the Label Editor window and look for the label text, the Label … Continue reading Find Label (plug-in)