Adding noise to a track

Audacity provides a basic noise generator for creating new tracks with a choice of noise colours, but sometimes we want more specific noise types, and we want to mix them in with existing audio.

Here is a plug-in that provides 4 kinds on noise, and mixes the noise into the selected audio.

Noise Types

  • White Noise: Named by analogy to white light, with a flat frequency spectrum. Sounds like “hiss”.
  • Pink Noise: Similar to white noise but with a lower “shushing” sound rather than “hiss”.
  • Crackle: May be useful for emulating vinyl crackle, or any other crackle-like sound,
  • Wind: Sounds like it’s blowing up a gale. (Thanks to Robert Hänggi for this one).


Just two controls for this one:

  1. Noise Mix (%): The proportion of noise to original sound.
  2. Type of Noise: A dropdown list of the 4 noise types.


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