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I had need to transfer audio clips from an Audacity project to another program. While Audacity supports exporting multiple files based on labels, or exporting each audio track as a separate file, it does not provide a convenient way to export clips as separate files. To compensate for the absence of this feature, I wrote a plug-in “Export Clips”.


The available controls for Nyquist plug-ins are rather limited. There isn’t a control for selecting a destination folder, so the “Save File” widget is used instead.

Each exported clip will be named as:
clip + <number> + <file extension>
For example, when exporting 3 clips as WAV files, they will be named:
clip1.wav, clip2.wav, clip3.wav

Selecting the destination folder

The recommended way to select the export destination is to click the “Select Folder” button, navigate to the desired directory, and then click the “Save” (or “OK”) button. The clips will be saved with names “clip1.wav”, “clip2.wav”, … when exporting as WAV, or similarly but with an appropriate file extension for other formats.

Supported export formats

WAV, MP3 and OGG are supported. It may be possible to export with other formats, but are not guaranteed due to quirks in Audacity’s export handling. Sub-format settings such as sample rate / bit rate / quality settings should follow Audacity’s “last used” settings.


Installation is done in the normal way using “Nyquist Plugin Installer” from the Tools menu. Note that in recent versions of Audacity it is necessary to restart Audacity after installing plug-ins. When installed (and Audacity restarted), the plug-in will be listed in the Tools menu.


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