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Tutorials and Examples for Nyquist programming

Display time as hh:mm:ss

For a shorter display when hours [or hh:mm] are not required, set the ‘short’ parameter to 1. To display hh:mm:ss without milliseconds, set the second parameter [places] to 0. The ’round’ parameter can be set to round up, round down or round to the closest whole number of seconds. For full details of all options, … Continue reading Display time as hh:mm:ss

Getting Started with Nyquist

So you’ve used a few plug-ins in Audacity and you’ve heard that it’s possible (and not too difficult) to write your own plug-ins. Now what? Where do you start? Here’s some pointers that will hopefully get you on your way. First, three pages from the official Audacity web site: After that, an … Continue reading Getting Started with Nyquist

Converting numbers to strings and strings to lists

A couple of simple but useful functions. Hopefully this will save someone several hours of scouring Google. To test the code, copy and paste it into the Nyquist Prompt effect and press the DEBUG button to see the output. [cc lang=”lisp”] ; function to convert a number to a string (defun number-to-string (number) (format nil … Continue reading Converting numbers to strings and strings to lists