Isochronic Modulator Plug-in Updated

I’m very pleased to announce the release of an update to Isochronic Modulator.

“IsoMod 2” has all of the features of the original effect, with the addition of  alternative pulse shapes.

Right click to save : isomod2
(For Internet Explorer “Save Target As”)

5 thoughts on “Isochronic Modulator Plug-in Updated”

  1. This update is a major improvement making clean isochronic beats. I use sine waves all the way through making the beats and they are clean as can be of harmonics. Pick sine wave, PSV=50, PW=100, “desired” beat frequency, and IMD=FMD=100. Then check out and use the Analyse > Plot Spectrum… and see how clean the spectrum is. The first version of isomod was OK , but more difficult to get rid of all the harmonics generated, primarily because we were limited to using square or rectangular wave shapes. Good “ole” Fourier Series synthesis in action.

    1. Thanks Paul, glad you like it.
      User feedback is always appreciated, and is the only way that I will know what users want.

  2. Having a great time using this plugin. I’ve been getting lost making far too many iso tone with this and learning a whole lot more. Thanks for the update.


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