Text Envelope 0.8 beta

Well it turned out to be more of a challenge than anticipated, but finally it’s here. A Nyquist plug-in that allows envelopes to be created via text entry.

This plug-in is basically complete, but requires a bit of tidying of the code.

This is a version 3 plug-in and requires Audacity 1.3.x

New features in version 0.8 beta:
Intermediate Control Points do not need to be entered in time order. As
long as they are entered as valid pairs of values they will be sorted
into the correct order automatically.

Help screens included (see text file in attached zip)

To Do:
May need some minor changes to the formatting of Help screens for
compatibility with 800 x 600 screens on all platforms.
Volunteers to assist with this would be much appreciated.

Thorough testing on all platforms, particularly for sensible handling of
invalid data input.

Comments, feedback, bug reports and suggestions welcome.

Right click to save TextEnvelope.zip
(For Internet Explorer “Save Target As”)

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