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Useful code snippets and interesting coding ideas.

Arrays as function arguments

When calling a function we commonly pass one or more parameters to that function. In most cases these are simple variables; integers or floats, but could be lists or arrays. In the case of passing arrays there is a hidden danger. Let’s consider a simple function:

To use this function we pass two values, … Continue reading Arrays as function arguments

Changing the speed and length very accurately

Audacity has a “Change Speed” effect, but it is only accurate to three decimal places. For greater accuracy a short Nyquist script can be used in the Nyquist Prompt effect. In this example the length of the selected audio was 599.999 seconds and I wanted to stretch it to 600 seconds duration.The durations may be … Continue reading Changing the speed and length very accurately

Display time as hh:mm:ss

For a shorter display when hours [or hh:mm] are not required, set the ‘short’ parameter to 1. To display hh:mm:ss without milliseconds, set the second parameter [places] to 0. The ’round’ parameter can be set to round up, round down or round to the closest whole number of seconds. For full details of all options, … Continue reading Display time as hh:mm:ss

How to detect a sound in just a few lines of code

The basic detection method is just one short line of code: What this does is to fetch consecutive samples from the sound *track* until a sample is returned with a non-zero value. A word of caution, SND-FETCH is destructive to the audio data. If *track* will be required later in the code, use SND-COPY to … Continue reading How to detect a sound in just a few lines of code